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Water management

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Icoon 7.2 Water management

We consider the topic of water management regarding two important steps in our supply chain: the water consumption during the growing of the potato crops, and the water consumption during the production process of fries and potato products. However, currently we only report the water consumption of the factories.


Boundrie balk 7.2 water quality

Management approach

Water is a crucial resource in Farm Frites’ operational processes. Farm Frites is a substantial user of water, although we continuously strive to minimise our usage. We invest in and implement efficiency improvements to reduce our water consumption.

Farm Frites only discharges purified water to surface water. Depending on the production site, either we clean the water in our own wastewater purification plants, or we utilise the municipal plants that have enough capacity to organise the wastewater treatment. In two production locations, we utilise reversed osmosis that allows us to reuse water onsite up to 50%.

Our objective is to reduce the water consumption per tonne of product in the factories with 15% by 2025, based on 2018 levels, and with 30% by 2030.

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