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Icoon 7.5 Sustainable transport & logistics

We are not only committed to lower emissions of our own operations, but also the emissions in the supply chain, for instance in transportation. Our transport is mainly provided by an external company named Farm Trans. Farm Trans innovates and invest in the transport of tomorrow by always opting for a sustainable solution

Transport starts with the freshly harvested potatoes that need to be moved from the farmers to the factory. The second step is the transport from factory to cold store, and finally from cold store to our customers all over the world. The factories in Europe supply European customers by road, rail and short sea shipping. Egypt supplies the Middle Eastern and Africa can region, and Latin America, Asia and the Pacific are supplied by sea containers, mainly from the Netherlands and Belgium.


Boundrie balk 7.5 sustainable transport & logistics

Management approach

Farm Trans aims to achieve its sustainability goals following the roles; ‘Sustainable Employer’ and ‘Sustainable Partner. As a sustainable partner Farm Trans is committed to create more value for Farm Frites- while minimizing its environmental impact, focusing on reducing the footprint, ensuring road- and food safety and creating partnerships for future solutions.

Therefore, Farm Trans has the objective to reduce the CO2 emissions from trucks per kilometre in the years to come. Eventually resulting in a reduction of -13 % less CO2 per km in 2023, based on 2019 figures.

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