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Glossary & definitions used

Greenhouse gas emissions intensity scope 1 & 2 - GHG protocol scope 1 are direct emissions from sources that are owned or controlled by Farm Fries or a joint venture, such as: - Stationary combustion (natural gas, fuel oil) - Mobile combustion (owned company vehicles) GHG protocol scope 2 are the indirect emissions: - Emissions from purchased electricity, steam, or other sources of energy
Share of potatoes sourced following SAI platform FSA listThe amount of raw potatoes supply cultivated following SAI platform FSA list is a checklist with principles (non-FSA, bronze, silver and gold). The SAI platform FSA list is a checklist with principles on sustainable agriculture. Upon completion of the checklist, a level of sustainable agriculture can be determined.
Energy consumption of productThe amount of energy needed in the factory (natural gas, biogas & electricity, plus other sources of energy) to produce one tonne of product.
Share of renewable energyShare of the energy used that is renewable (solar, wind, bio-energy, geothermal, or other form of renewables).
Water consumptionThe amount of water needed in the factory (total fresh water intake in the facility, excluding internally reused water, divided by the total amount of finished product. Reported in cubic meters per tonne of product.
Water reuseThe amount of water internally reused versus the total fresh water intake.
Base year2015 (or oldest available)
EmployeeA person with a contract from Farm Frites or a joint venture.
consumptionThe KPI specific unit per tonne product.
KPIKey performance indicator
Finished productThe potato product (frozen/chilled fries, specialties and flakes) that has been completely processed.