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Core focus areas

Sustainable packaging

Core focus areas > Sustainable packaging

Icoon 6.3 sustainable packaging

Packaging plays an essential role in delivering our products to our customers in over 100 countries; safely, environmentally sound and of the highest quality.

In the final packaging concept, we must maintain a balance between different and sometimes contradictory criteria. Sustainable interventions should never lead to less functional requirements regarding packaging. Because loss of product (safety) and/or quality anywhere in the supply chain, will always have even more impact on the environment.


boundrie balk Sustainable packaging

Management approach

Farm Frites is dedicated to use the most environmentally friendly packaging for its purpose. Packaging that is economical, functional and (food) safe as well, from our suppliers to the end-users and beyond, e.g. the recyclers. We strive to make our packaging more sustainable at every stage of its life cycle.

Goals & Targets (KPIs)


iconen goals and targets 6.3(1)

Complete portfolio in recyclable packaging by 2021


iconen goals and targets 6.3(2)

10% Less packaging material by 2022

Our main targets on sustainable packaging are:

Complete portfolio in recyclable packaging by 2021
The aim is to move to 100% of the portfolio in recyclable packaging by 2021 in order to be suitable for reuse of the former materials.

10% Less packaging material by 2022
Reduce the amount of packaging material per tonne product with a minimum of 10% (reference 2018) by 2022, followed by continuous improvement. This means we will use fewer valuable resources and there will be less leftover material that can have an impact on the environment.

Results & Conclusions

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