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Core focus areas

Climate change & energy

Core focus areas > Climate change & energy

Icoon 6.1 climate change & energy

Climate change is a global challenge that has no borders, and to combat it requires coordinated work by all countries. Climate change is already being felt around the world. Hundreds of municipalities and companies have intensified their climate efforts concerning mitigation work strive to lessen their impact. According to the Paris Agreement, we need to reach the target of a maximum temperature increase of 1.5 degrees Celsius, in order to slow down the global warming by 2050.


Boundrie balk 6.1 climate change

Management approach

By ratifying the Paris Agreement, the EU and almost all countries in the world have committed themselves to rapidly reducing CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions. Farm Frites as a company has a role to play in this struggle. Farm Frites is a substantial energy user in all operations, ranging from manufacturing and cooling products to cleaning transportation.

First, we have decided to declare to act to combat climate change. On December 12th, 2019, Gijs Muilenburg signed the Science Based Targets Call to Action Commitment Letter on behalf of Farm Frites. By signing the letter, Farm Frites makes it clear that it wishes to join the growing group of leading companies that are setting emission reduction targets, in line with the necessary measures recommended by climate scientists.

Secondly, all group factories strive to implement efficient solutions to reduce gas and electricity consumption on the factory level. Moreover, we are looking for possibilities to use and produce more energy from renewable resources. We are preparing a group long-term plan to increase the share of green energy and diminish energy consumption. Our goals will be verified by SBT (Science Based Targets Initiative) experts.

Goals & Targets (KPIs)


iconen goals and targets 6.1(1)

5% less energy
15% renewable energy


iconen goals and targets 6.1(2)

10% less energy
30% renewable energy
50% less carbon emissions

By 2025, we aim to use 5% less energy per tonne product and 15% of our energy usage will be from renewable sources.

By 2030, we will use 10% less energy per tonne product and 30% of our energy usage will be from renewable sources. Furthermore, the carbon footprint will be reduced by 50%.

The base year for these reductions is 2018.

Results & Conclusions

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Best practices

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