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Farm Frites produces a diverse variety of product ranges for our clients in the foodservice, quick service restaurants and retail. Our product portfolio ranges from Farm Frites brands and private labels to white labels.

Farm Frites

Our core range. Consists of the most served & asked for items in the potato category. Boasts flexibility with both frozen and chilled solutions within a variety of potato product sub-categories (fries, wedges, specials). The range is characterised by consistent quality all year round. Farm Frites’ standard range enables food operators to meet the high expectations of their guests and offer good value.


Farm Frites Finest is all about perfection. Enables foodservice operators to stand out from the crowd when it comes to quality and yield. Main product drivers are specially selected potato varieties for an outstanding appearance and taste, increased portion yield due to exceptional length of the fries, and conscious choice by pre-frying in sunflower oil.

Chef’s Harvest

Chef’s Harvest is Farm Frites’ newest concept consisting of pure and tasty fries, providing an exciting taste experience. For Chef’s Harvest, farmers grow the best potato varieties, so we can make the best tasting fries, fresh from the land. The potatoes are grown in fertile clay soil, bringing out the rich potato flavour. Chef´s Harvest fries have a good bite with a soft internal texture.


The Home-Style assortment offers a range of solutions that respond to the demand for pure & authentic products that could be self-made. Farm Frites Home-Style products have a robust, homemade look using tasty potatoes, specially selected and processed in Belgium into irregular cut, rustic potato products.

Quick Oven Fries

Quick Oven Fries help food operators offer quality fries anywhere, anytime. They are easy to prepare, ready in no time and they don’t require any fat or oil. They can just be put in the oven for four minutes, and they will come out tasty, crispy and delicious. It is the ideal solution for foodservice outlets that want to add great fries from the oven to the menu and want to serve them quickly.

Fast Fry

Fast Fry is the ultimate solution for dealing with peak times in orders. Fast Fry is prepared in 50% of the standard cooking time and thereby saves time, so high levels of service can be maintained for the guests.

Nature’s Goodness

Nature’s goodness with less fat and calories, responds naturally to the consumer’s more conscious and modern lifestyle. Pre-fried in 100% sunflower oil.

Farm Frites’ owned brands

Alongside Farm Frites, our main brand, we have three other owned brands available. These brands are produced to meet specific market requirements in selected geographic regions.

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