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Company profile

Since 1971, we have grown the tastiest potatoes and process these into delicious potato products. We are committed to nature, proud of our farmers’ heritage and ambitious in contributing to our customers’ growth.

Together with our growers, we are working around the clock to make a difference for our customers. Fresh from the land, our potatoes are carefully taken care of and processed. Farmland is invaluable to Farm Frites, and so are the more than 2,000 employees that work for Farm Frites to deliver the tastiest potato products all year round.

Today we are a truly global force with five production locations around the globe, serving millions of fries and potato specialties to foodservice experts in over 100 countries.

We are an independent family business, pure, authentic, and passionate; our five values are at the heart of our culture and guide us in the way we work.

We are all equal

We work together and respect each other. We all have different roles, yet we are all an equally important part of the process.

No games

We do our business based on facts, not on assumptions. There are no hidden agendas! We are open and take responsibility and ownership.

We have one goal

We have aligned goals and objectives. We work as a team.

It’s a two-way street

We not only encourage, but also listen to and act on new ideas and suggestions. We create a safe environment, in which everyone feels free to challenge.

Sense of urgency

We relentlessly challenge the status quo. We are eager; we seize the opportunity the minute it presents itself.

Stakeholders engagement

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Risk management

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